Top Football Betting Games - World's Most Played Matches

In the section Football Betting - The most played matches in the world for today and tomorrow, our team provides you with the most played and secure football predictions today. In the table you can see which matches are the most popular betting matches

SnoHome - AwayDate / TimePredictionStart OddsCurrent OddsMoney Volume
1Univ de Concepcion - AntofagastaMon, 21:0012.22.181,533,213 Euro
2Deportivo Capiata - Deportivo SantaniMon, 21:1511.72.2185,895 Euro
3Univ de Concepcion - AntofagastaMon, 21:0023.653.653,550 Euro
4Deportivo Capiata - Deportivo SantaniMon, 21:1527.23.7536,567 Euro
5Univ de Concepcion - AntofagastaMon, 21:00X3.653.820,502 Euro
6Deportivo Capiata - Deportivo SantaniMon, 21:15X4.13.419,584 Euro
7UTC Cajamarca - Sport HuancayoMon, 18:3012.182.318,819 Euro
8Mirassol - GuaraniMon, 18:0012.782.887,497 Euro
9UTC Cajamarca - Sport HuancayoMon, 18:3023.83.47,038 Euro
10UTC Cajamarca - Sport HuancayoMon, 18:30X3.83.44,437 Euro
11Mirassol - GuaraniMon, 18:00X03.43,366 Euro
12Mirassol - GuaraniMon, 18:00202.86765 Euro
13Red Bull Brasil - SantosTue, 21:0013.753.75459 Euro
14Red Bull Brasil - SantosTue, 21:00X000 Euro
15Red Bull Brasil - SantosTue, 21:002000 Euro