Top Football Betting Games - World's Most Played Matches

In the section Football Betting - The most played matches in the world for today and tomorrow, our team provides you with the most played and secure football predictions today. In the table you can see which matches are the most popular betting matches

SnoHome - AwayDate / TimePredictionStart OddsCurrent OddsMoney Volume
1Turkey - IcelandThu, 15:0011.81.7512,214,755 Euro
2Flamengo - Vasco Da GamaWed, 22:3011.311.4212,027,636 Euro
3Turkey - IcelandThu, 15:0025.25.72,421,072 Euro
4Turkey - IcelandThu, 15:00X43.951,285,353 Euro
5Flamengo - Vasco Da GamaWed, 22:30X6.25.11,262,709 Euro
6Flamengo - Vasco Da GamaWed, 22:30213.59.81,067,940 Euro
7Burkina Faso - UgandaThu, 17:00X3.33.3592,871 Euro
8Burkina Faso - UgandaThu, 17:0024.75.392,565 Euro
9Burkina Faso - UgandaThu, 17:0012.022.0684,609 Euro
10Jordan - AustraliaThu, 14:00X3.83.8548,348 Euro
11Jordan - AustraliaThu, 14:0021.931.8645,747 Euro
12Jordan - AustraliaThu, 14:0014.74.822,950 Euro
13Savoia - USD Citta di FasanoWed, 13:0012.122.122,142 Euro
14Savoia - USD Citta di FasanoWed, 13:0023.13.1306 Euro
15Savoia - USD Citta di FasanoWed, 13:00X3.13.1306 Euro